By Fahmida Rahman, Ed McDonagh — Senior Public Policy Advocates, and Adam Butler — Public Policy Manager at StepChange Debt Charity

The eagle-eyed among us will have noticed that this year includes a Comprehensive Spending Review. A CSR is a big task for any politician but in the wake of…

By Adam Butler, Public Policy Manager at StepChange Debt Charity

Amid rising living costs, credit is a risky safety net but there are solutions to make the market safer

Our latest research looks at the experience of the four and a half million people struggling to keep up with essentials who are using credit to pay bills or credit repayments and make it through to payday.

This type of…

by Ed McDonagh, Senior Public Policy Advocate

Last week the Consumer Council for Water (CCW) published its independent review of water affordability. In a thorough assessment, the report found that changes are needed to raise awareness and improve the reach of financial support.

The review also makes an eye-catching recommendation for a single social tariff linked directly…

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We provide free, impartial debt advice and solutions to anyone struggling with debt problems in the UK.

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