By Fahmida Rahman, Ed McDonagh — Senior Public Policy Advocates, and Adam Butler — Public Policy Manager at StepChange Debt Charity

The eagle-eyed among us will have noticed that this year includes a Comprehensive Spending Review. A CSR is a big task for any politician but in the wake of…

By Ed McDonagh, Senior Public Policy Advocate

Our new report, The true cost of tax credit overpayments: A fairer approach, published today, starkly demonstrates how the collection of tax credit overpayments through deductions from Universal Credit (UC) by the Department for Work & Pensions (DWP) is causing stress and hardship.

The proposed Consumer Duty is a welcome step forward in consumer protection, but more work will be needed in the long run to better serve financially vulnerable consumers

By Adam Butler, Public Policy Manager

Consumer advocates have long made the case for a ‘duty of care’ in financial services. Examples…

By Peter Tutton, Head of Policy, Research and Public Affairs

Today sees the publication of plans for an Enforcement Conduct Authority (ECA), a new independent voluntary oversight body for the bailiff industry. …

by Ed McDonagh, Senior Public Policy Advocate

Last week the Consumer Council for Water (CCW) published its independent review of water affordability. In a thorough assessment, the report found that changes are needed to raise awareness and improve the reach of financial support.

The review also makes an eye-catching recommendation for a single social tariff linked directly…

By Peter Tutton, Head of Policy Research and Public Affairs

On 4th May a new Government scheme for people struggling with debt problems opens for applications.

The statutory Debt Respite (“breathing space”) scheme, covering England and Wales, will give people struggling with problem debt a 60 day period of legal…

By Phil Andrew, Chief Executive at StepChange

The past year has been nothing if not surreal and in many ways contradictory, with the future looking equally unpredictable.

It is with those sentiments that I write this update, as I think it is important to explain what may seem like contrary…

By Lawrie Morgan Klein, StepChange Scotland Public Affairs Officer

Scotland goes to the polls in just two weeks to elect MSPs for the next five years. It’s an election like no other, complete with socially-distanced voting, campaigning and counting of the votes.

The new Government gets to make decisions that…

by Adam Butler, Public Policy Manager

Since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, StepChange has been monitoring its impact on financial difficulty and problem debt. The latest results from January this year are summarised in a new presentation here.

The pandemic has affected everyone, so it’s sometimes easy to overlook…

By Mark Haslam, Senior Parliamentary and Public Affairs Officer

On Wednesday we launched our Covid Debt Rescue campaign, casting a particular spotlight on the urgent rent debt crisis.

Since the start of the pandemic, household finances across the country have come under enormous strain, with private renters hardest hit.


StepChange Debt Charity

We provide free, impartial debt advice and solutions to anyone struggling with debt problems in the UK.

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